WDC Orientation

Mon, 09/19/2011 - 08:33 -- arun
WDC Orientation

All new students are expected to attend the orientation ceremony which is usually held on 8th July every year. This is the day when Wilsonia was founded in 1966. The orientation is a special ceremony when the new students are inducted into the Wilsonia family with a word of prayer and are introduced to the college and its faculty and management. Orientation becomes the event when the foundation of your college life at Wilsonia is laid.
As a place of learning, Wilsonia Degree College has a code of conduct which every student is expected to follow. A complete list of Rules and Regulations is given to every student at the time of Admission and the student has to sign an undertaking to abide by these rules. While in college, rudeness with Staff and Management in intolerable and must be avoided at all costs.

The College has also constituted a Proctorial Board leaded by Dr. V.P. Singh including five other faculty members and an Anti-ragging cell as per the Supreme Court's orders.



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