The University

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The University
Rohilkand University was established in 1975. In August 1997 the prefix ‘Mahatma Jyotiba Phule’ was appended before the name to honour the great figure from India’s Freedom Struggle. The University has affiliated Colleges and Faculties. With the headquarters at Barielly being not so far away, the co-ordination between the college and the University becomes an easy and effective process.

The College
As part of the Group’s ongoing commitment to provide the best education possible, Wilsonia saw a need to provide quality education at the graduate level where the medium of teaching would be English. The city has some very good colleges but most of them concentrate on Hindi Medium of education. Not all students with English school background can migrate to the colleges in other cities because of various pressures. So, to provide both young men and women of Moradabad a better college experience, in an atmosphere conducive to the proper development of students, was the aim of starting the Wilsonia Degree College.

Focus of Education
Wilsonia Degree College has the Unique Status of being the only completely English Medium College in Western U.P. Besides this the College is very fastidious regarding issues of Discipline and Values which puts the college in a very elitist bracket of Colleges. To  build in the young adults who come through these Portals, Values for a better life is the mainstay of this College, with this in Mind a morning Assembly is conducted every day which is a time of fellowship as well as a means of meeting of the Management, Staff and Students. This practice does build a feeling of brotherhood and a family like atmosphere within the College. Regular classes are conducted and the University’s requirement of a minimum of 75% attendance of lectures is strictly adhered to.

Besides this Wilsonia College also aims at bringing about an overall development in each student. There are immense opportunities to participate in a load of co-curricular activities and events throughout the sessions, such participation helps in building a strong character of the student, helping the student become more self-confident as well as appreciative of others in true sportsman spirit.

To make the student a better person is the Focus of Education in Wilsonia Degree College.

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